Join us August 11th & 12th in Olmsted Falls OH

Rightly dividing the word of truth in a world where truth is unpopular can be a daunting task.

The JudgeNot Conference purposes to help you learn why and how to rightly discern, approach and stand for the gospel in a world that says, “judge not!”  A few of the topics will include understanding apologetics and evangelism presented by a powerful cabinet of apologists and teachers. You may even know a few of them…


Justin Peters Ministries is committed to the faithful proclamation of the Gospel and to expose the false doctrines of the “word of faith” polemicists well as provide doctrinal scrutiny for those who offer ‘other gospels’ and false hope to a dying world that needs to hear the truth of Jesus Christ.  When it comes to Justin, one has found a humble but fierce, truth heralding and caring defender of the gospel.”


“Todd is the host of Wretched Radio, an apologetic and evangelistic broadcasting ministry that exists to engage culture and Christendom with truth and apologetic zeal. Wretched is not the run of the mill expression of broadcasting but a very professional and entertaining aroma of truth, fire, and compassion. Todd’s ministry desires to see salvation, maturity in love and a passion for the Scriptures.”


“Chris needs little introduction for those who ride the seven seas of Pirate Christian Radio. Pastor, apologist, evangelist, and polemicist; Chris wants everyone to lower the sails and anchor themselves to the Scripture so they can never be tossed to-and-fro with every wind of doctrine in order to see the error being hurled overboard by the ‘Evangelical Industrial Complex'” (Chris will be speaking via live feed satellite)


“Pastor JD Hall wears many hats. One of which is the Founder of Pulpit and Pen, a diverse but focused Polemics & Theology blog that keeps good tabs on the plethora of ministry mad hatters perched in the shadows. His weekly show the “Polemics Report” covers topics relating to Polemics and Discernment from recent secular or Christian news as well as answers questions from listeners. From the pulpit, the podcast, to the pen, JD is always eager to give a reason for his hope and to stand for truth.”